ICFWA Custom Made Medals

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In 1979, ICFWA( THE IMPERIAL COURT DE FORT WORTH/ ARLINGTON INC) has existed, which is the oldest court in Texas. The court is a service organization based on social community. The main goal is to sponsor events, establish relationships and provide help in the community. For instance, Healing Wings, Easter baskets and Halloween candy events. They choose Monarchs as a representative.

ICFWA Custom Made Medals are crafted by antique brass, which belong to antique medals. In the middle of ICFWA Custom Made Medals , there is a map. On the map, there is a cattle, wearing a crown and taking two roses. It means that monarchs lead us to live more happily. Each of ICFWA Custom Made Medals will be polybagged with a medal ribbon. ICFWA Custom Made Medals have big size, up to 3.5 inches.

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